Monday, September 13, 2010

Ralph LauREN, Lady gaGA, and the VMAs

What do Ralph Lauren and Lady Gaga have in common?

Nobody knows how to pronounce their names.

Last night, while winding down, I turned on the telly and was swept up by the opening of the second showing of the Video Music Awards.  I was grateful to have heard Chelsea Handler introduced, because I could easily have mistaken her for Kate - Eight.

But that was the least of my consternation.  Throughout the 20-or-so minutes that I watched, Lady Gaga's name was inconsistently pronounced.  And it was pronounced frequently, as she was referenced in Ms. Handler's opening remarks, in the first award category, and again, as she won the first award.

So, Little Monsters, especially those who have seen the Lady in concert, is it . . .





I would like to put a halt to this Ralph lauRENification of Lady G, if necessary.

And by the way, she did look smashing in her Bedlingtons!


Belle de Ville said...

I love Gaga's McQueen outfit,including your infamous "bedlingtons". But, overall I agree with Camille Paglia on Lady Gaga.

Anonymous said...

She DID rock that outfit! I've never beeen, but I put in equal emphasis on the syllables.

Miss Whistle said...

I think that Chelsea Handler was mocking Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes who did an old codger-type piece saying that he'd never heard of Lady GuGAH... but I could be wrong. Wasn't that first dress fabulous, though?

Miss W xx

Miss Cavendish said...

Oooh--that's meta, Miss Whistle! Now I'm off to look up Andy Rooney's commentary . . . Thanks!!