Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rose and Gold: Stacy Lomman's Pretty Dress


Designer/blogger Stacy Lomman staged a fashion show today and ever since I saw this dress (the perfect shade of rosy pink with gold-dot trompe l'oeil bustier detailing) I've been dreaming about it . . .

And just to give you a hint of what a delightful person Stacy is, she sent me these two images of this unabashedly pretty dress to post.

Watch more about Stacy's innovative method of supporting her show on this HuffPost video.


stacy said...

Thanks for the post :-)
I can send you a much larger photo... let me know!

Didn't the model look like a little doll in this dress?


WendyB said...

It was a great show!

Miss Cavendish said...

Stacy, I'd LOVE a larger photo to do justice to the detail. My email is



K.Line said...

Stacy: Pls. send the larger photo! And send a large photo of the short, white strapless one with the crinoline (is it a crinoline?).

Barbara said...

I love that color.

Belle de Ville said...

That dress is lovely. It is too short for me but if it was knee length, I would wear it.
Stacy is very talented and Wendy has done a great job promoting her.

Anonymous said...

The dress was even more gorgeous in person...and the show was fantastic!


stacy said...

Yes Belle... Wendy is basically my PR person! And my social media coach! I've been lucky to be surrounded by incredibly supportive and generous people... what goes around comes around... I hope I can give back someday soon!