Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bridal Blossoms? The Royal Hair

Gentle readers will doubtless know that the internet has been sprouting all sorts of speculation about whether Kate Middleton will wear a tiara or--gasp!-- flowers in her hair on her wedding day.

These flowers, should they be worn, will probably not be a nostalgic nod to the daisy wreathes worn by Flower Children, but may be spun sugar confections, a la cake couture.  Hmmm.

There are, of course, other kinds of flowers and ways to wear them in one's hair.  Maybe one of these will be the winning design:

Kate's sister-in-law-to-be wore flowers in her hair for her second wedding.  I do not think that there is the slightest chance that Kate will hoe this row.

And the Pre-Raphaelite look is too Pre.  Kate is definitely Post.

Frida'a flowers always looked beautiful.  But they are too associated with her iconography for a royal bride.

Chanel's paper flower headdresses are showstoppers, though this one is a tad too Verushka:

Oh, OK: nothing could be *too* Verushka.

Another view: beautiful, but awkward for the balcony kiss.

Do gentle readers have a preference?  Tiara or flowers?


Deja Pseu said...

I'm betting on a tiara, or something along those lines.

Belle de Ville said...

Tiara all the way...after all it is a royal wedding not a hippy love celebration in a field!

coffeeaddict said...

I so love these Brits ;-) You can instantly tell from the photo whether it's the first or second wedding.
On that note, I loved Camilla's wedding outfit. So I'm gonna throw in another suggestion: a hat or a fascinator of sorts?