Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Louboutin Shoes Are *Made to Measure*

These shoes by Christian Louboutin are indeed witty, but they also (unironically?) comment on the tyranny of the tape. 

For in some cultures, the size of one's foot *does* matter.  The most obvious reference may be the antiquated practice of foot-binding, but I have also heard modern young women in North America talk about how they want to squeeze their feet into a size 6 shoe because 7 or--heaven forbid--8 sounds too large.

When I was a teen, I wore 6.5-7 shoes, because that's what my mother wore and I somehow assumed that girls and mothers wore the same size.  Very foolish, I know.

But then I learned that 8-8.5 is my size, and I couldn't imagine looking back, suffering to fit into a smaller shoe size, not because it looked good, but because it sounded good.  And what is "good," anyway?

I'd like to think that the tape measures on these Louboutins are meant to celebrate size, not tattle, or remind women of the ever-present and impossible standards of bodily measurement, but I'm not so sure.

**Shoes discovered on the website of fabric designer / sewist extraordinaire Anna Maria Horner, who also shares some choice words about them.


Belle de Ville said...

Forgetting the cultural implications of the size of the female foot, IMO those shoes are tacky not witty.

Pearl Westwood said...

I have to agree with Belle, how hidious! But Mr Louboutin does make perfectly fitting shoes, Im a half size so find it difficult getting shoes that fit, Mr L is alway perfect!

K.Line said...

I love the idea of these shoes (like you, as size celebration) but I have to agree with Belle and Pearl that they aren't nicely rendered.

Miss Cavendish said...

Hi all--I'm not a fan of the shoes either . . . just to clarify! I'm merely thinking out loud, trying to sort out the implications behind the shoe design.

Lorelei said...

I on the other hand think these are fabulous! Have you seen them on "Jane by Design"?
It's all about how you present the piece, not the piece itself. It's like looking at a dress on the rack and saying it's ugly even though when you try it on it's the most flattering this you've ever worn.