Friday, April 8, 2011

Pringle: Dressing Sheep to Chic*

Over a decade ago, when I visited Toronto one winter, I took a walk on Bloor (akin to NYC's 5th Avenue), and discovered, somewhere in the vicinity of Holt Renfrew, a very proper, old world clothes shop. 

Staffed by older gentlemen in suits and ladies in kitten heels, this shop sold designers that my Scottish grandmother would have approved of: Aquascutum.  Burberry.  Pringle.

I bought an oatmeal-colored Pringle sweater that day and was reminded of that pleasure upon seeing Pringle's latest ads for their woolen wear.

Here, via New York Magazine, which found these images via Design Scene, is Pringle's campaign:

I think that the toque, far above, is very sheep--I mean--chic.

*My (more obscure?) pun comes from that great old song "(dancing) Cheek to Cheek."


Toby Wollin said...

We used to raise sheep and I was never in any doubt as to how effective sheep wool is in keeping you warm. Once horrible winter morning, we went out to give them hay and water and could not find a bunch of the 'girls' who were outside, hiding in snow drifts. All you could see were their noses, which were black. They were completely covered by the snow and when they realized what we were there for, they jumped up, shook themselves but the snow on top of them had frozen solid. The heat from their bodies had risen up through the wool, melted the layer next to them, which had then refrozen. Eventually they shook everything off and stood there, with the steam rising off them. There is nothing like wool.

K.Line said...

Must have been the Irish Shop. It's not there any more...