Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mug Shots

(updated with more images)

When I awoke to my first London morning, it was the very day of the Queen Mum's centenary celebration. 

Walking into the street, with baby in carriage, I met up with a lovely stranger who shepherded baby and me through the unfamiliar London streets, as she was on her way to Clarence House.  She deposited us in the vicinity and we were able to catch a happy look at Prince Charles riding with his grandmother en route to her celebration. 

As is tradition in my Scottish-Canadian family (we give each other silver coins as gifts), I bought a Centenary Crown to remember the day, and, more importantly, the Queen Mum.

The upcoming royal wedding is, of course, another opportunity for souvenirs, and I'm most interested in a china cup.  My morning necessity is a cup of good Peets coffee served in a bone china mug.

Here are some of the more interesting wedding mugs:

From Cath Kidston, who made gently faded florals for the home sooo desirable in the noughties.

Emma Bridgewater's egalitarian "Hurrah for Kate & William / Hurrah for William & Kate" mug, available at Liberty and Fortnum and Mason

Also by Emma Bridgewater, what I consider to be a Hogarth-Press inspired mug.  At Liberty and Fortnum and Mason again. 

With the C/W monogram.

By Burleigh (note the Union Jack detail on the handle).  Still at Liberty.

A bit of wit, at Harvey Nichols.  First spied chez Liberty London Girl.

Three out of the five mugs use "Kate" instead of "Catherine" (the second Emma mug has "CW" painted in a monogram.)   Are these transgressive mugs, when the future bride is using her full, more formal name?

**The top image is a biscuit tin, filled with commerative biscuits, including a replica of Kate's engagement ring.  From Liberty.

The tin.

The tin with biscuits.


WendyB said...

I just read an article about the wedding in Vanity Fair and it got me all excited!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to link to Royal Wedding items sold at Fortnums... the store was bought by Canadians in the 1950s and has remained with their family ever since.


Miss Cavendish said...

Thx for the reminder, Anon. F&M had the same two Bridgewater mugs that I liked at Liberty, but I neglected to link. Had a delicious tea there with my infant daughter one summer . . .

Liberty London Girl said...

Merci for the link! LLGxx

hampers said...

Lovely mugs that I'm sure will increase in value over time. Thanks for the info.