Sunday, December 4, 2011

Joe Fresh: Intarsia Insider?

I confess: some mornings when I wake at 6, put on my running clothes in a hurry before going downstairs to get my three children off to school, I just might be wearing some of my garments inside out.  And when I return from my run and realize my style slip, I have a good laugh at myself.

Joe Fresh, the clothing line for the Canadian grocery store Loblaws, has recently taken this inside-out dressing to the check-out counter with its collection of Nordic sweaters. 

The above three sweaters on the right are knit in what I'd call a traditional style, but the two on the left (and the red-and-white one displays this characteristic more clearly) look to me like the inside of the sweaters on the right.

(As a reference point, I'm thinking of the inside of my own intarsia black sheep sweater a la Princess Diana.) Brilliant knitter-readers are cordially invited to tell me the proper terminology for this inside-out stitch/look.

Imagine the inside of this sweater.

Joe Fresh's sweaters are a tad too "holiday festive" for this Canadian, but it I were to wear the red one on the left, I might try it inside out.  On purpose.


materfamilias said...

Hmmm, I wouldn't call these JoeFresh sweaters intarsia, although I could be wrong. I think of intarsia as used for large areas of colourwork in a sea of another colour -- that is, the distance between two stitches of the same colour is too far to traverse and still keep the "floating" stitches anchored.
I'd have to look more closely at the sheep sweater -- personally, if I knit this, I'd be trying to find a way to do FairIsle colourwork, carrying the contrasting colours around. But this may be because I quite dislike knitting Intarsia and haven't done so for decades! In fact, the last time I did was late 80s when I knit my daughter one of those long sweaters in style at the time, patterned with -- you guessed it! a sheep. . .

Miss Cavendish said...

So maybe this is inside-out Fair Isle, and I'll have to rethink my alliteration?