Monday, December 5, 2011

A Miss C. Blunder chez C. Wonder

I was intrigued when I first saw the ads for C. Wonder in the New York Times

They reminded me a bit of ads for ABC Carpet and Home, possibly the most glorious home furnshings and fabric store across the pond from Liberty of London.

The initial "C" was initially encouraging, too, as I was in my ABC zone.

Now we're talking: ABC Carpet and Home
But then things started to turn: "C. Wonder" started to conjure up a knock-off of J Crew, which was, I think, itself a knock-off of J Press.

Next I saw the motor scooter, adorned with roses, kind of Liberty print meets Jack Wills. I was confused.

The scooter in Vogue

And then I learned that it was owned by Tinsley Mortimer's ex-husband.

Actually, it's not, and that is the "blunder" of my headline; it's owned by Tory Burch's ex-husband.

Ths shop itself, or shops, as they have popped up in affluent mall settings, seem to position themselves as an Anthropologie for preppies. From images I've seen (plan to visit a bricks-and-mortar shop over Christmas), there's a lot of shiny gold and orange among the products, perhaps an homage to Ms. Burch, and green. green, green on the walls and floors, perhaps to make one feel wealthy and youthful whilst shopping. 

Kind of Gatsby-esque, but lower rent than West Egg.

Would Jay Gatsby gaze upon the green door longingly from his dock?

I'm not sure whether C. Wonder has a truly specific point of view, and would be happy to hear from gentle readers who have visited it.  In any case, I'll report back in the new year. 

S'Wonderful to think about going on vacation.

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Marcheline said...

Six words: Black and white cups and saucers.