Sunday, December 11, 2011

Treading Lightly?

This weekend I dressed to take my daughter to a college basketball game (we like to support the womenz team!) and I noticed a gap in my wardrobe.

I'd put on a pair of cropped black cigarette pants and wasn't thrilled with my footwear choices: I like to balance a skinny pant leg silhouette with a substantial shoe and the one I had in mind was more weekday than weekend.

So I hopped on Gravity Pope's website, because it specializes in a kind of funky, weekend-y shoe, and engaged in research.

The first pair I considered was, much to my surprise, a clog in wolf's clothing: 

Or yak's clothing, or a Wild Thing's clothing, if I get all self-referential.  I'm not a clogger; wooden soles don't strike me as comfortable (never wore a pair of wooden-sole DKNY penny loafers I had in grad school), but there's something unaesthetically appealing about this motley shoe.  It's by Bosabo.

The second pair was equally curious, but again, that's what I wanted:

Made by Acne, this tall brogue has enough interest in the heel to keep me amused and enough tradition in the toe to complement my cigs. 

After all, my goal is not to tread lightly. Do gentle readers have any trusted clomp-about weekend shoes they love?

***BTW: the New Yorker cover above is from 1944!  So current, except the cigarette would probably be represented as cigarette pants today . . .


Susan Tiner said...

That New Yorker cover is priceless.

Excellent choices, but I really love the second pair. Amusing from one point of view, traditional from another, a winning combination.

Angie Muresan said...

Those are some shoes!