Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rustic Romp or Urban Rumble?

The New York Moment is fabled, of course.  But what about the New York Juxtaposition?

Yesterday, departing American Girl with my daughters in the pouring rain, we began to pick our way through the wet and the dark (at 3:00!) up 48th Street toward 8th Ave.  As we passed a parking garage, a loud fight broke out, first of words, then of fists.

We shifted into reverse, me averting my eyes, until we saw a police officer sauntering toward the garage.  When we heard no further commotion, we carried on, eventually reaching our destination.

Some hours before the rumble, when the day was light, we had walked past an Anthropologie store, where a curious candelabra in the vitrine caught my eye.

"Fabled" this moment may have been, if only because the candelabra depicted a few Aseop's Fable-y animals piling on top of each other for what Anthropologie calls a "rustic romp."

We kept moving forward, my daughters ignoring the pottery animals, but the unusual design stayed with me enough to look it up on line.

In this New York Juxtaposition, I'll take the Rustic Romp over the Urban Rumble, though I don't think I'd welcome such a frolic on my dinner table when our stomachs are, you know, rumbling.


Jennifer said...

I work in Manhattan (right near Rock Center)... Five days a week I'm dealing with the chaos and frustration of the city while also finding things about it that I love and would find it hard to live without. Though I must say that for me a big part of it is the fact that I get to leave the heart of the Apple each evening for my little suburban Long Island nest. LI has its own issues, but the pace and space are something I really need in my life.
(PS: That candleabra... whaaaat? Sometimes Anthropologie really pushes beyond the limits of tastefulness.)

Leigh said...

I simply cannot imagine what inspired that candalabra. And then it boggles the mind as to who would buy it. Wow. Just... wow.

Susan Tiner said...

Well, it does look kind of comical with the candles.

The NYC scene is a familiar one, from past visits.