Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bird on a Wire

When I select a piece of jewelry, I have a few rules: it should be eccentric, not cute; bold, not dainty; elegant, yet not formal; and white gold, silver, or platinum, as I prefer not to wear yellow gold.

In Palo Alto, the delightful Bloom Butik had just what I didn’t know I was looking for.

There (where I also bought my Jane Austen-in-LA dress) I discovered the glamorous Los Angeles designer Pade Vavra (pictured here) and her whimsical/smart jewelry collection.

Pade takes her inspiration from nature, and produces cunning pieces such as a gem-encrusted seahorse twinkling on a chain; a gold “leaf” cuff; and my prized find: a little yellow-gold-vermeil sparrow dangling from a silver hoop.

I love these earrings because they’re difficult to place. They remind me of Hero, on whose fantastic boots sparrows perched; of the Renaissance; of Marie Antoinette; of Josephine Baker in Zouzou.

I feel transported to a different era and culture every time I put them on, whether I’m skulking about in dark jeans and cashmere or floating in a silk dress.

They represent possibility; I couldn’t ask for anything more.


K.Line said...

My take on jewelry is so similar to yours. I do wear yellow gold (cuz I don't think a girl should limit herself with the bling:-)) but by and large I prefer silver tones - preferably with gorgeous, eye-popping stones. This designer's stuff is so lovely - and unique. Thanks for the link. K

riz said...

I really like what I've seen from Pade Vavre. I confess to now knowing that much about jewelry though...

enc said...