Monday, February 4, 2008

Halston, Giorgio, Bijan!

The news that Halston is being reintroduced yet again prompted a stroll down memory lane—but not for clothes.

Rather, I’ve been thinking of the Halston perfume, launched in 1975. When I was at boarding school, a glamorous peer had her very own bottle and when she’d borrow a dress for dinner (formal dining every night!) it would come back smelling sophisticated and somewhat dangerous—far from the clean-scrubbed image the school was promoting.

At some point I owned my own bottle of Halston, but I never did purchase Giorgio Beverly Hills. In the early eighties, those iconic yellow-and-white awning stripes and Giorgio's strong, distinctive scent were everywhere. Taking a propeller plane from Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island, we passengers were overpowered by Giorgio as the lone flight attendant marched up and down the tiny aisle, doing her work, of course, but leaving a waft of fragrance with each pass.

A cousin to Giorgio was Bijan!, the perfume whose creator’s laughing face, and, briefly, that of his wife Tracy, graced many a magazine page. I liked what I thought of as his doughnut-shaped bottle, though I’m sure a fried dessert was not his inspiration.

I rarely wear a fragrance, having been scented naturally by milky babies for six years, but I do love En Passant by Frederic Malle. I have a sample whenever I’m near Barneys, and that holds me over until the next visit.

Giorgio and Bijan! still produce their fragrances; maybe it’s time for a comeback in the media as well.

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snicketyone said...

miss cavendish,
I am so enjoying your fashion-y posts! When I notice you have posted another gem, I always leave it for last so that it can be properly savored.