Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jane Austen in LA

Sure, there have been sightings of Jane Austen in LA, but mainly she’s been striking Hollywood deals with agents, wearing her shades as she reclines by the Beverly Hills Hotel pool.

I see her a little differently. When I was in Palo Alto a couple of summers ago, I bought this dress, partly because it reminded me of Austen.

Designed by LA-by-way-of-Long Island native Todd Magill for his label Wyeth, this dress, with its scoop neck, empire waist, gently ruched bodice and sleeves, and flowing knee-length silk fabric, evokes Jane Austen in the twenty-first century, a young writer skipping down the streets of LA, in search of a custom-blended juice.

And although Magill cites the artist Andrew Wyeth as his inspiration, I like to think there’s a little of Austen in this dress too.


Ms. Place said...

Fun post. I love how you pooled the various sources together. That 'young' regency dress is to die for.

Libertygirl said...

Thank you for spotting the typo!

I agree with you about this dress. The colours seem appropriate for the Regency (As I'm sure you know, although very bright colours were worn at court, signifying wealth (the added cost of dye), more drab olours were worn in the country.) LLG xx

Libertygirl said...

ps In case you wander by my blog again and think you are imagining things, I have pulled the VF piece. It was written for publication in the UK, but my editor didn't get back to me, so I thought sod it, why waste the writing, and popped it on LLG. Then, of course, he emailed to say it was being run. Typical! LLG xx

miss cavendish said...

Typical indeed. One of my friends was a longtime copyeditor at VF and I've always taken an interest in its various incarnations over the years.

enc said...

I love that dress.