Thursday, February 14, 2008

Red, She Said

I don’t like to receive presents. Or perhaps I should clarify: I don’t like to receive gifts on expected days: my birthday, my wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day.

I’d rather a gift were spontaneous, given out of impulse as opposed to a national mandate. Your comments are that sort of gift--totally unexpected, thoughtful, wise, witty, and absolutely delightful to receive.

So, for my internet readers: here, from the heart, is a perfect Valentine’s red from Marchesa, made out of suede(!) I love the high neckline (are covered necks the new clavicle)?

And the puffed sleeves? For this Anne of Green Gables reader, well, they’re perfect.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


enc said...

Wouldn't that dress be a great gift!?

Toby Wollin said...

One of my true regrets at this point in my life is that I can no longer wear puffed sleeves without feeling a bit foolish. Like Anne, I yearned for puffs and got them, but now can't seem to muster the gumption to wear them. But it is a magnificent dress.

K.Line said...

I'm with you on that. Couldn't care less if I get some pressie on my birthday, as long as I get something special when the mood and opportunity presents.

So love the nod to the heart in the back shot.

This dress is gorgeous, but I think it would be hard to wear...