Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Louis, Liberty, Lingerie

It’s not hyperbole when I state that Louis Vuitton’s spring 2007 lingerie is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

My very favorite is not this set in pale pink Liberty fabric—it’s the same set in Liberty blues, oranges, and reds. You can see an image if you go to Tabitha Simmons’ “Runway to Reality” archives and click through the slide show.

You’ll know the set when you see it: quilted cups in a red rose Liberty print, the rest in a vibrant blue/orange Tatum Liberty print. It takes my breath away every time. Here’s a muted version, produced by scanning a printout.

As the set costs some $580 (it’s probably no longer available), I did the next best thing: I purchased enough Liberty fabric to make my own mini version, purely for display. I haven’t begun cutting the fabric yet, but I have the sketch completed, the cunningly tiny buttons, and, of course, the glory of the Liberty fabric.

And now that I’ve announced my intentions publicly, I’ll be sure to follow through!


K.Line said...

Miss C: In addition to everything else, you know how to sew?! Great job embedding the pic, btw. Not only do I love that set - and what a steal at 600 bucks :-), but that slide show you linked to showed a gorgeous pair of McQueen shoe boots that would look great with the ensemble...

miss cavendish said...


I do indeed sew! If you check out my slim archives, you'll see that the first few entries are better suited for a creative blog--they have images of some embroidery and quilts I've made.

And yea to the MacQueen boots. I also love the Vuitton pink corset; in fact, I wish I owned everything in the slide show!

riz said...

I really really liked this add campaign. One of LV's better ones...The lingerie is exquisite. I really have to step up my game in this department.

enc said...

I'm a fool for every Liberty Print that ever was.

Miss Erin, at ADressADay blogs about Liberty often. She loves it too. I think we all do.


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