Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eclectic Knits with Wit

I know it’s Fashion Week in London, but my thoughts are in Montreal.

Specifically, the above catsuit from British designer Louise Goldin brought back a memory of when I was taking a break from my undergraduate education, living in Montreal, doing some modeling there, and almost bought a catsuit from Naf Naf. I should have while I still had the chance to wear it.

Even if catsuits aren’t on your fashion radar any more, Goldin makes beautiful knit pieces that can be integrated into a wardrobe.

The jacket with fur trim reminds me of my Josephine Peary photo (see Arctic Style).

And this blue mini dress has shades of D’Arcy Moses (see Mr. Darcy in Canada).

The fur-with-tails look combines the two, with a dash of Tait & Style.

And the blue sweater/leggings combo is simply a "cool girl" look that I love.

It reminds me, curiously enough, of some beloved Nike running tights from the late 1980s, with a little Gees Bend patchwork added to the mix. These are too precious for running, though. These are for strutting.

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enc said...

I love wacky knitwear; you found the cream of the crazy crop. Thanks for this post!