Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fine Feathers Indeed

I love Anna Trzebinski’s designs with their whimsical details—flamingo feathers on pashmina scarves, for instance—and strong colors.

Trzebinski first came to my attention in a Vanity Fair article that reported on the murder of her husband, artist Tonio Trzebinski, outside their home in Africa. British-educated Anna grew up in Africa, and there she stayed, channeling her grief into beauty, working with local women to produce clothing and accessories that borrow African beading techniques, that are inspired by the environment.

She famously married Loyaban Lemarti, a Samburu tribesman, last year, and has built a beautiful home in Nairobi that houses her design and production studio.

To my knowledge, Trzebinski’s designs are not available in the United States, and they're difficult to locate on the Web, but you can find them at Paul Smith and Browns in London.


enc said...

The feathers add a really unexpected and cool touch; I wonder how hardy they are, however. Would they stay on with normal use?

Ms. Place said...

Well, darn. I was just in London and totally missed these stores. Not that my few measly dollars would purchase anything. For the first time I had to restrain myself from buying British goods at will. The scarves are beautiful though. I have some pheasant feathers left over from a project. I wonder ... mmmm? Could I attach them to my Pashmina scarf and achieve a similar result? But then, as enc wondered, would they stay on with normal use?