Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All Dolled Up

Although I enjoy seeing my daughters play with their dolls, I don’t consider myself a “doll person” as an adult.
But last year (late to the party) I discovered Blythe and the amazing community of fashionistas who design for her. I even bought two Blythes (blonde and red) in hope of styling them, though I quickly realized that I’d much rather look at photos than make their tiny clothes. (I sold them on eBay.)

I do like a doll with a certain look, however, like the one in these photos from Bazaar UK. I love the nineteenth-century quality to them—the painted socks and shoes, the slick of hair, and the pastel fabrics they’re wearing.

In fact, I like looking at these dolls more than at Karen Elson, who comes across as a sort of misfit toy herself.

Here’s Karen sans doll from the same shoot, wearing a pink frothy concoction.

And here’s Ellowyne Wilde, the goth girl who suffers from ennui, by Robert Tonner. In this “tatters” incarnation, she reminds me of Karen in the previous photo.

Living doll, doll-face, you’re a doll, all dolled up—hellooo Dolly.


enc said...

For the first time ever, I can admire a doll. Usually they creep me out. Nice post, and they're beautiful images.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Did you see Bergdorf Goodman's Spring catalog? They featured a spread with antique dolls--quite striking. They complemented the fairy and ethereal quality of some of the spring clothes this season.

miss cavendish said...

I usually receive a copy of the BG catalogue in the mail, but may have filed the spring issue away somewhere. I'll take a look. Thanks for the reference!

riz said...

Wow, Thumbelina,, that sounds really awesome actually, I will have to check it out to. You don't have a link do you??

miss cavendish said...

My latest BG "magazine," as the catalogue has been renamed, is Resort, so I called Client Services to send me the Spring edition pronto, please. You might do the same, riz; the Web site gets you to only the enticing cover.

And to think that I saw stacks of these in BG during my March visit, but didn't take one because I "knew" I'd have one waiting at home. Alas.

because im addicted said...

its a very cool editorial!

pve design said...

love to have a play-date.
love to play dolls.
guess that explains my love for fashion and such.