Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Textured Style

One of my favorite plays with texture is white on white (or a subtle variation of it). As we move toward summer, white (or light) always feels right, and I think that these three images confirm that notion.

The first is from an older Saks catalogue, and it pictures an Issey Miyake jacket. It’s got signature pleats, but they’re accomplished in a seeming homage to Alabama Chanin, (formerly Project Alabama), with the contradictory luxe flour-sack feel of this garment.

I also appreciate how the pleats aren’t uniform, but are random gathers held together by criss-crossing raw lace.

Above is a recent image of a folded/gathered duvet cover from Anthropologie. I’m tempted to order this just to see how the the work is done! I wonder whether one exceptionally large piece of fabric is used or whether the gathering is completed in segments. In either case, the ivory “origami-like folds” (lovely idea!) are appealing.

Always the editor, though, I’d use an ivory shell button instead of a brown wooden one throughout.

This final image isn’t recent, nor is it white, but I adore the smocking on this very adult dress from Bottega Veneta. It’s not easy or even desirable to wear smocking beyond the age of six—my eight-year-old fashionista disdains it—but this dress would be mine in an instant, were it available. Tomas Maier is my absolute favorite designer for feminine day dresses.


K.Line said...

That Tomas is a genius, no doubt, and I love that dress - from the fabric to the cut to the colour it's fantastic.

Funny how your 8 year old won't wear the smocking. My kid thinks it's like princess wear!

enc said...

I love all these tactile, texturized thrills.

riz said...

Bottega Veneta is always astonishing to me. Enc loving the phrasing "taxturized thrills" !!

(I was sondering what happened to that Project Alabama)