Saturday, April 19, 2008

A New Look at Hat Hair

While I return time and again to my trusty beret in winter, I like something more glamorous for summer.

The milliner Kokin makes some beautiful shapes for every season (his buckets especially remind me of Audrey’s in Funny Face), and this spring I’m smitten with his Fortissimo Hollywood.

I love a hat that doubles as hair (!), not with faux locks dangling, silly, but a hat with a generous, well—enormous—brim that gently cascades down one’s back like les cheveux.

This hat frames the face, the shoulders, beautifully. You could even give it an insouciant toss—just like your hair.

It’s available on Vivre, an online and paper catalogue that’s the source of many an hour lost in dreams.


riz said...

I actually quite like Vivre. They are different with their main focus on luxe bohemian. I am contemplating getting on of these in black actually!

enc said...

A fantastic hat. I hope you get it! Where would you wear it? Do you have a fantasy scenario in mind, or would you wear it "everywhere?"