Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And To All A Good Night

I’m a fan from afar of Olatz Schnabel’s linens and night wear (as in garments to don for bedtime).

Now that winter finally seems to be over, it’s lovely to think not of warmth—flannels, duvets—but of beautiful night clothes that would inspire sweet dreams in even the grouchiest of wearers.

Although it’s an unusual silhouette for sleeping in, this 1930’s-style nightgown (above) is a quirky stunner. Add a little wave to your hair and suddenly you’re a film noir femme fatale, conjuring some diabolical but clever plan to ensnare your

And this deep pink, long silk slip conveys just the right mix of innocence and knowledge. In fact, it’s perfect for living in a pink house, one with gracefully arched windows, high ceilings, and art work everywhere.

When your husband wears his PJs all day, why not join him?


enc said...

Agreed. Now stop posting all these lovely things, or I will crack under the pressure! ;) I love them!

riz said...

that first gown is really beautiful and looks so soft and comfortable. I'm a fan of wearing gowns all day long on the weekend. And yes, I cannot wait to get married so that my husband and I can lounge around all day in out PJs

K.Line said...

Ooooh, the right mix of innocence and knowledge. I'm all for working that look. K

miss cavendish said...

I love the prim decadence associated with the first gown. Thanks for coming to my blogging slumber party!

WendyB said...

I like the idea of a pink nightie in a pink house.