Saturday, April 19, 2008

Winter in April; or, Redwork with a Twist

A magazine I adore is one that’s difficult to find where I live. It’s known for its gorgeous photographs of textiles—many, many of them clothing—and its equally beautiful ads.

The magazine is Selvedge, which is published in the UK and is produced every two months. It’s printed on sturdy stock, and is a collector’s item for those of us who love color, pattern, and line. (I’d love to help out with the copyediting, though.)

In Selvedge you’ll learn about wonderfully eccentric designers, such as knitter Sandra Backlund, whose redwork is shown here.

I realize that everyone’s thoughts are turning to lawn and linen dresses, but I wanted to show you these works of art—just to contemplate.

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enc said...

They're fantastic, anytime of year. So lush and saturated and beautiful!

And oh, the color.