Saturday, November 15, 2008

Color Weighs

While Juicy Couture is not one of my go-to lines (though I do have a smashing pair of crushed gold shoes), I always appreciate the use of color in the JC ads.
I love a rich, saturated hue, and Juicy makes even these neons appealing—on paper, that is!

In my inspiration file I’ve been keeping these images from an earlier Vogue shoot. I love how colorful makeup is used here.

But if rendering your skin Crayola is a little too Peau d’Ane (remember the blue statues) or perhaps too Blue Man Group, there’s always fabric.

I like these rich colors from Aquascutum—they add a touch of joy to a gray fall day.


WendyB said...

I love orange and pink together!

materfamilias said...

Inspiring! I've just bought a purple cashmere scarf and am trying to think of ways to make it work with my red bag (and greys or black coats) -- I love the two together but not sure I can pull the combination off convincingly.

enc said...

This post really brightened my day. I love all those super-saturated colors. I think I'm starving for color right now. Everything I have is black, brown, gray, or denim.

miss cavendish said...

Color is a wonderful lift in these dreary months (perhaps even California needs some brightening up?).