Monday, November 3, 2008

In Which Dr. Cavendish Posits a New Blogological Theory

It’s a biological fact that when a group of girls or women live together—say, in a dormitory—their monthly cycles will soon coordinate.

Perhaps the same thing happens in the blogosphere.

Well, not exactly, but here’s what I mean:

Yesterday I spied a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes on the Nordstrom website. They were flat, with cutouts and laces and reminded me of a pair of white shoes I had purchased from Holt Renfrew many, many years ago because they were Great Gatsby-esque. I checked to see whether they were available in my size. They weren't. I thought about posting on the shoes but had other things to take care of.

This morning I visited my blogging friend enc’s site and saw that she had ordered those exact shoes (in a different colorway) from a completely different website. Now these shoes are not in the popular conversation. I haven’t seen them featured anywhere splashy or on anyone else’s blog. But we both found them on the same day, on different boutique websites.

So here’s a new blogological theory: once a month, bloggers of style will feel an irresistible pull toward one item. They will blog about it and notice with pleasure and surprise that others are doing the same. Then they’ll return to their divergent blogging styles until the following month.

Have you ever had a stylish item on your mind that you were surprised (and delighted) to discover that someone else liked too?


enc said...

Oh, miss cavendish, this is uncanny, and wonderful! :D

I've experienced this once-a-month thing many times. It happened with a pair of flats, and a pair of boots.

I'm in good company with this shoe choice, apparently.

enc said...

(I think I paid too much for mine, though!)

K.Line said...

Totally.I posted about Leonard Cohen on the same day as Linda Grant, for example. It's like a fun kismet I can totally appreciate!

La Belette Rouge said...

I have discovered two other bloggers are coveting the same purple jacket at Banana Republic that will soon be mine. So funny how that happens.

WendyB said...

Does this explain the Kate Lanphear phenomenon.

Sal said...

I haven't experienced this phenom personally, but will keep an eye out for it!

Songy said...

That's quite amusing and strange.
I had that with a movie. I was planning on a post on the movie The Fall. Then just a day after Asian Cajuns did a post on that movie.
What are the chances!?


Totally... I'm not the only one with fabulous taste! ;)