Monday, September 8, 2008

Don't Mane on My Parade (add winking emoticon here)

Happy, happy, joy, joy: I’m back online. (I missed this—and you!)

Anyway, yesterday, after reading WendyB’s blog and bidding on her Diana necklace for a super-worthy cause, I returned to my usual Sunday activity: devouring the New York Times.

This Sunday included the men’s fall fashion magazine, a glossy treat.

And in it I saw a couple of images that looked awfully familiar.

Remember my post on figureheads a few months ago? I had ended it with a nod to the bust/figurehead of Stephanie Seymour by Maurizio Cattelan, but couldn’t locate an online image. Yesterday, however, there it was! And here it is.

The real Stephanie looks much prettier and softer.

And I kept turning the pages until I was struck once again by a spread of the lovely apartment owned by designed Francisco Costa and horse trainer and manager John De Stefano. There on the wall, beside their beautifully appointed bed, was an enormous photograph of the horse’s mane I posted a few months back as well. It was a full-page in a Bergdorf Goodman catalogue from a few seasons ago.

So who exactly do I have to know at BG (Hi, Linda Fargo! What gorgeous gifts you give!) to have one of my own?

But seriously, Horatio Silva, features and online director of T: Men’s Fashion, aren’t these shared topics and images just a wee bit uncanny? Could you be reading Miss C? And if so, do drop in and say hello!

I've always said--just check my archives--that T is my very favorite magazine.


WendyB said...

They're reading your mind! It's from those microchips they placed in your molars while you were sleeping.

enc said...

They should just hire you and get it overwith!

Anonymous said...

My manager has asked me to find out who the photographer of the horse mane is. You don't have any idea, do you?

miss cavendish said...


I no longer have the complete Bergdorf Goodman catalogue (I just clipped the page I liked). You might contact Bergdorf Goodman. Linda Fargo gave that photo as a gift, so she'd know for sure! Or if you can't reach her, perhaps you could get an archived catalogue from BG. The image is on page 103 of a fall/winter catalogue from 2-3, possibly 4 years back. Good luck!