Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Miss C Takes (Another) Trip

Mr. C has been reading some well-written rock biographies during our trip, the latest of which is Sharon Lawrence’s study of Jimi Hendrix.

I popped into the narrative when she began talking about where Jimi shopped, particularly Granny Takes A Trip in London.

The above image is one of Granny’s ever evolving storefronts, an homage to Jean Harlow.

And below is one of the founders, Nigel Waymouth, wearing a Granny printed jacket.

Long before I saw this jacket, I was imagining what Granny would conjure up for its rockers and dandies about town, and I thought that a slim-cut silk blazer from a peacock-print Liberty fabric would be perfect.

As it happens, Liberty is in *trip* mode itself, with its new line of self-described art fabrics with a travel theme:

And as Liberty is having its famous sale right now, how I wish I were tripping over there right now. I’d get this great little insect beaded bag.

I daresay, it’s really bugging me that I’m not there . . .


materfamilias said...

I just barely scratched the shopping surface of London this last trip, partly because Pater was keeping me company. Never did get to Liberty's, so sad! That truly bugged me, to share your pun.

Speaking of Jimi and Grannys, did you know that Jimi's Grandma lived in Vancouver and he visited her here -- little-known Canadian fact!
I think I need to get that biography -- would be a great book for me to pre-read while deciding if it makes a good gift for my sound engineer Son-in-law.

miss cavendish said...

Oh dear, Prof. Mater, I really am feeling for your Liberty miss! It's my sanctuary.

And as for Jimi, I did not know that he lived in Vancouver. But then, I didn't even realize that he sang as well as played guitar . . .

WendyB said...

I'm so loving prints. I probably shouldn't tell but my designing friend Christian is doing some AMAZING prints for Spring 2010. I wish I could let you see them now but then I'll really be busted!

Liberty London Girl said...

oh lovely Liberty. Sigh. Homesick. LLGxx

*gemmifer* said...

Very punny, Miss Cavendish!

Liberty is one of my favorite stores in the entire world, but I haven't been in many years so I have to just enjoy my memories (an a few covert photos I snapped inside) from my last UK trip.