Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paisley Skies

I’ve mentioned—even boasted, perhaps, that in boarding school I won an award for dining-room etiquette. And those good manners carry over to other rooms.

Just yesterday, for instance, I walked into a little studio in Rustico and politely asked whether the “hooker was home.” (A gentleman had greeted me.) Almost midquestion I realized what I was asking, but completed it anyway and then clarified, with a smile, “the rug hooker.”

He turned out to be one of the rug hookers, so I was guilty of gender profiling too. Sigh.

I had forgotten how much I love certain primitive hooked rugs—and how much I want to make some.

I’m particular: I don’t like anything kountry or cute or touristy or self-consciously arty. Like, if someone hooked this photograph, I wouldn’t want it (wrong medium; I do think the large photo is fabulous).

But I do very much like maritime scenes, if they’re done intelligently.

My favorite maritime rug-hooking artist is Deanne Fitzpatrick, who fashions the most wonderful skies. They remind me of fabric (the paisleys) or knits (Kaffe Fassett’s) or Van Gogh’s starry nights.

And I love how the houses dance, as if their pointy rooftops can’t resist swaying in the ocean wind.


WendyB said...

Oh noes! But I think a hook-rug version of Madonna would be so lovely ;-)

Sal said...

I've never seen such artful hooked pieces! Love 'em.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

They're great. And LOL about your comment.

Dave said...

Which shop were you in? My mom owns the shop in North Rustico. I'm out visiting from Ontario.