Thursday, November 26, 2009

Queenie's Thanksgiving

Although I am fussy about wine—nothing sweet, please!—I do not do any research before choosing a bottle.

This Thanksgiving's visit to the wine shop was no exception. I knew that I wanted white wine and resorted to an age-old selection process: I chose the prettiest label.

Nothing with surfboards, dogs, or maisons (although I did have a fantastic surfboard wine in Canada this summer)—just flowers and pretty, elegant script.

And, happily, the wine was just what I had wanted.

As for Queenie, my 110-pound golden retriever, the après-meal turkey remnants, double-wrapped, secured within a third larger bag, (trustingly) positioned by the door until a break in the rain, were just what she had wanted too.

She’d been waiting five years for this opportunity, and made the most of it while her foolhardy humans settled in for a post-pumpkin pie chat.

I think I’d better pour another glass of wine.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Belle de Ville said...

Yes, I do on occasion fall victim to the prettiest label too.
Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.

Alice at Simply The Nest said...

Oh what a patient Queenie! Did she eat the bags too? This story made me giggle :-)

I choose my white wine based on whether I can see the word 'Chardonnay' on the front label, and the words 'vanilla' and 'oak' on the back label.

However, I certainly choose red wine based on the label. I currently have a cupboard full of Rioja with very attractive aged vintage style labels, and also an authentic looking wire mesh wrapped around the bottles, with a pretty red seal. This pleases me :-)

Happy TG!

Make Do Style said...

What a great way to choose wine!

WendyB said...

I bet that's one thankful dog.

Sabine said...

Funny, this label would make me think of a rather sweet wine, but perhaps my mind is just too simple (sweet label = sweet wine). Glad you enjoyed it.

Kate said...

This made me smile. I also tend to choose wines based on how their labels look :). The prettiest label always gets my attention.