Tuesday, September 14, 2010

J Crew and Silver Tear

It's clear that wood-enhanced vehicles are the big new thing in advertis-

Consider this Sunday's T magazine, for instance.  Just a few pages after Tommy Hilfiger's Woody spread comes this double truck from J Crew.

These two pages are a virtual buffet of convergence in advertising, with all the enticing props and URLs, and even though it's tucked away in the left corner, the woody Silver Tear trailer stands out.

Like J. Crew's catalogue mailing address, the Silver Tear is located in Roanoke, Virginia.  And yes: I like it (though I'd need a trio of them to accommodate my family).

What's next to be woodified?  My bets are on luggage, maybe handbags.  One could have an inside-out frame bag.

Two bottom images from the Silver Tear website

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Mary-Laure said...

That Silver Tear is just adorable! It would be perfect for Benjy and me.