Monday, April 21, 2008

A "Little" Blow-Drying Incident

Bear with me a minute and think of Meg March, the “pretty but vain” oldest sister in Alcott’s Little Women.

Do you recall the scene in the book when Jo (the incurable tomboy/author[!]) is curling Meg’s hair for a ball? And Jo applies the curling iron for too long and burns off a lock of Meg’s hair?

Something similar happened to me this weekend. The maddening part is that I can’t place the incident, but I have the singed hair on my head for evidence.

It’s just right of center, a square centimeter of burnt fringe along my hairline on the other side of my part. I’ve been blow drying my hair for many a decade now (with the proper nozzle on the dryer), and I literally can’t imagine how this happened. And as I said, I didn’t know it had until I pulled my hair back into a ponytail.

Do you think it’s because of my new, chemically enhanced hair (just when I’m ready for a touch-up)? Or do I need a new blow dryer? Or better blow-drying skillz?

A mystery indeed.


Miss White said...

That's a bit scary! I doubt it was your hair dryer, but I guess it could have been.

Those illustrations are really lovely.

enc said...

I suspect it's due to your new, chemically enhanced hair. All that stuff can really weaken the hair shaft. :( I'm sorry!

miss cavendish said...

Hmm . . . this has me completely rethinking my appointment at the end of the month.

Cherry Menlove said...

I have the same thing happen to me all the time. I regularly loose concentration when doing my hair and burn myself. So pleased to have come across you, so thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm a big Bloomsbury set/area fan myself. So awfully romantic looking back on the time!
Hmmmmmmmmm, you have to love hindsight!

Cherry xoxoxo

WendyB said...

If it makes you feel any better, I recently poked myself with a hot flat iron. Ow.