Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice and Ennui

Woke up to a powerful ice storm today:

schools cancelled,

grocery stores closed,

fallen tree branches,

popped electrical lines.

It’s a perfect day to don this 1970s-inspired maxi dress by Alice + Olivia (check out the detailing on the cuffs)

and mix up a gimlet or two while lounging around your boxy glass home with a look of ennui on your elegant face.

Until you find that Jacqueline Susann novel you had tucked away behind the cereal boxes.


K.Line said...

We're having this storm too, but snow-style. And I so want to be drinking a gimlet in my boxy glass home with my look of ennui. Wondering about how we're going to get to the key party this evening. :-)

Sal said...

That snow that K.Line is having is on its way here, too. Sadly I'm more likely to wear this if trapped indoors for it. But I do love that dress.

miss cavendish said...

K.Line, Our big holiday party (that we were invited to)was cancelled this evening--boo hoo.

Sal--You can still read Jackie Susann in your sweats! Valley of the Hoodies . . .

enc said...

Oh how evocative!

Songy said...

Ho ho. That was very sweet.

I would like to see you in that dress!! I will just have to imagine, won't I?

miss cavendish said...

Well, I'm not buying it, so imagination is our best bet!