Sunday, December 28, 2008

One for All and All-in-One?

Growing up on Prince Edward Island, Canada, I know from snow.

My father would shovel our driveway by hand in the mornings, tossing me up into the almost-roof-high snowbanks for pictures.

And my mother, who insisted I wear dresses to school, would stuff me in thermal long johns that went, improbably, under my tights. Oh the indignity of long johns that bunched toward my ankles! I longed for trousers or, more likely, spring.

So it was with bemusement that I checked out Alexander Wang’s glam thermal all-in-one in today’s New York Times (sorry style mongers—even if you call it a bodysuit, it’s still an all-in-one).

Note to Wang: *onesies* are for babies. Am still smarting over that dignity thing, apparently). (Resemanticizing, reschemanticizing.)

And here’s the crazy part: I like it. I’d never wear it out in a million years, unless Bob and Doug McKenzie were having a New Year’s bash, but I really like how it’s styled with heels and the suggested option of a black jacket.

(Of course, the model’s pose helps conceal the all-in-onesieness of the thermals. But that’s marketing.)

A while ago slips were the new lingerie-inspired eveningwear. Will we be seeing all of you in an all-in-one?
Or in Bob-and-Doug-speak: Put on, or take off--eh?


WendyB said...

Ha! I was just looking at that in the Times too. Do not want.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

What are you supposed to do when you have to go to the bathroom?

K.Line said...

You will not get my buy in on this one, doll :-) (But I can see how it brings you back to the old days...)

miss cavendish said...

Me neither, Wendy, but I'm amused (bemused) by the photo . . .

Thumbelina, If it's a *real* thermal, there should be a big square escape hatch with snaps in the back. But that's for lumberjacks and this is Alexander Wang, so I suspect that one does not venture into the washroom while wearing this, unless one is prepared to disrobe. And that's a lot to ask!

K.Line, I'll bet even Bob and Doug would do a double-take . . . (I wouldn't wear this either, unless shoveling snow on a frigid day--and even then, well, Eddie Bauer doesn't charge $225 for an all-in-one!)

La Belette Rouge said...

Don't tell anyone, Miss Cavendish, but I have a flannel pj onesie. It is red and warm and I sometimes wear it at home when no one is looking.

teach people not books said...

there's something about the supposition that high fashion has any business venturing into the world of warm winter wear that is seriously laughable. i guess one could argue that high fashion has business wherever it sees fit, and i get the whole utilitarian bent, but i still don't like it. i'm just being a smug north-easterner. don't mind me.

Sal said...

Hah! Not a chance. I have a hard enough time with silk thermal bottoms, slips, and all the other wintry business. Oy.

enc said...

No chance!

But I was wishing for a cashmere union suit just last night. This is a nice alternative.

Songy said...

Onesies? Ha ha. I was innocently thinking 'oh that's a cute outfit' before I read the post.

I'll have to give it a miss. Honestly, what would wear over that? It feels like it was just designed for that photo and that's it. :P