Sunday, August 31, 2014

Beautiful Catbird Stacking Rings; Looking for a Canary

I can't quite believe that I've never been to Brooklyn.  I've been thisclose to the Williamsburg Bridge, when making a trek to Orchard Street, but have yet to cross over it.

And I want to do so before this year ends, because I have a quest.

This summer, after my purchase of some perfect @# stud earrings, and after making a birthday purchase for my daughter at a artisans' market on Bleecker Street, I began to crave stacking rings the way I might crave cannoli. And my sweet tooth, as evidenced by my summer of cake, cannot be denied.

In particular, I'm drawn to rings by Catbird, which NY Magazine calls the founder of ring stacking.  Located in Williamsburg, Catbird features all manner of delicate rings for stacking in various shades of gold (and silver), with precious stones or other embellishments, like initials, or twists and hammers.

My craving is for a stack on my index finger, and at the end of summer, since I was not going to Williamsburg, I decided to bring Williamsburg to me and ordered a trio of threadbare (very, very, gossamer thin) rings to begin.

I knew that I needed a size larger than my wedding ring, and used an online measurer (big mistake) instead of being patient and visiting a jeweler that afternoon. 

My rings arrived, fit for a fairy in style, but sized for a ogre. My fault entirely, but the lovely customer service people understood my dilemma.

Tote above, wrapped box below.

 So back they flew, and my quest will be continued in person.  Here's hoping that this cat catches a canary some time in December.

The very tiny, delightfully fairy size box.

What am I looking for?  Don't know, exactly, but all must be mismatched, possibly with an opal or aquamarine in the mix.  Rose and yellow gold are welcome together, and I think I prefer a baguette stone to a round one.  But we'll see.

And speaking of quests, my 9-year-old son saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail for the first time last night.  So "shrubbery" and "it's just a flesh wound" uttered in a British accent are not uncommon sounds today.

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Nik! I love your ring thoughts. Nik!