Monday, August 25, 2014

Beyonce, Michaela, and Anna's First Vogue UPDATED!

I tuned in to the VMAs late, late, late last night, just in time to catch the last act, 20-some minutes of Beyonce singing and dancing.

My major takeaway from the performance was that Beyonce's bejeweled bodysuit and flowy locks reminded me so much of Michaela in LaCroix on Anna Wintour's first American Vogue.

I loved that jacket and would happily wear the 2014 bodysuit too. (Wasn't I just blogging about Donna Karan's Five Easy Pieces, the foundation of which is a bodysuit?)

Oh, alright, alright, alright (conjuring Mssr. McConaughey). It seems that Vogue has this cover on its mind too.  The day after I posted my "separated at birth" pair,* ran a photo and story of the "offspring du jour," RHOBH daughter Gigi Hadid, in an homage to Michaela.

Great minds and all that.  But didn't Vogue once tell me I was "too intellectual" to work there? I guess someone's either dumbing down or someone's smartening up. Wait--am I complimenting myself here?

*or "separated at girth" pair, recalling all the fuss over gorgeous Michaela's unflat tummy. Sigh.

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