Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tan Suits for Summer

I don't post about men's wear too often here, but I do welcome summer when men can break out linen suits, cotton poplin suits, and lighter-coloured suits.

When we were in London last, Mr. C bought a Hugo Boss tan linen suit that I coveted. (I remember buying a tobacco linen trouser suit from Jaeger while still an undergraduate.  The nerve!)

So here's a mini collection of tan suits from labels including J Press and Brooks Brothers (those bastions of preppydom) as well as Boss and a couple of unknown but stylish looks.

I typically get my personal tan at the beach or by the pool, but countless media reports tell me that's dangerous.  I've never seen a report about the tan suit being hazardous to one's health, though, so I think we're safe.


Miss Cavendish said...

Husband doesn't have a tan linen suit, but did buy a tan linen jacket in Paris a few summers ago which sees lots of wear. Then this past trip, he bought a pair of cream linen slim-cut pants at Zara in Bordeaux -- not particularly a sartorialist, but was delighted to find that they feel like wearing pyjamas (his characterization) but fool the world into thinking he's got some style going on. Love your more upscale survey!

Miss Cavendish said...

The comment above is from the always generous Materfamilias. I made a mistake trying to publish it via my phone, and this was the only way to share her good words?