Monday, August 18, 2014

My Solar System (the Queen, her Corgi, and a Mountie)

When we drive into Midtown Manhattan we usually park below the Hearst Building, with its stunning PoMo architecture.

I like parking here because when we walk out to 56th Street, we pass Bricco, a little Italian cafe where happy patrons have left lipstick imprints on the ceiling. (I have not left one, though I have dined there.)

Then when we return, it's up 57th, past Carnegie Hall, the Russian Tea Room, the Art Students League, and on to a prolonged stop at Lee's Art Shop.  This is the store that the Jolie-Pitt children are often photographed leaving, arms full of art supplies. But I love it for its whimsical first floor, full of cards, wrapping paper, and curiosities to dress up one's office.

The other year I purchased my Solar Queen (Jubilee Edition) from Lee's, and she stands contentedly on my office window ledge, waving at all who enter.  This summer I've "adopted" a couple more solar mates to join HRH.

First is Elroy, who's available in brown or blonde.

 I chose blonde because it seems that the royal corgis are that color.

Then, continuing my Commonwealth theme and acknowledging my roots, I'm welcoming a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (aka a Mountie) to my ledge. He's obviously not mounted, but in the spirit of the Musical Ride (Canadians will know this), I'd like to play Pharell Williams' "Happy" on loop. (His Westwood Mountie hat, you know.)

And lest my ledge be deemed too English/Canadian, I'm also adding something to help my American visitors feel at home: a light-up glass Statue of Liberty that changes colors. Indeed, I hope that these guests, important symbols all, will be "Happy" chez moi.

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