Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Knit Wit: New Photo in Selvedge

When Mr. C was a Fulbright Fellow in Iceland, back in 1993 or so, I flew over for the Christmas holidays. I had wanted a cross-body bag for the trip and the day before my flight I went to Saks to search for one.

My treasure hunt was cut short, though, when I spied a perfectly, ridiculously fanciful hat by Eric Javits. It was dark blue wool, with a Dickensian/Doolittle swoopy brim that swept over my brow and then again, anchored by an outrageous brown plume.  That's what I bought instead of a bag and have never regretted it.

When do I wear the hat? Occasionally I've worn it in a theatre production when I played a Victorian lady; I've worn it to class when it fits the novel. And I wore it most recently during a hot day in June to get my photo taken for the fall issue of Selvedge.

Here it is, in the original colour photo (that's a dressmaker's Tahari military coat below, with beautiful pick-stitching on the collar) and, in a black/white screen grab from the online edition of Selvedge.

The September/October issue features "knits," as you'll see from the dreamy Tim Walker cover (of Gilles Deacon) and my knitting anecdote, which coincidentally also references Iceland!


K.Line said...

Adorable! You've gotta get your money's worth out of that hat :-)

Jen Lawrence said...

I adore that hat. Excellent choice. And I will look for that publication. I adore anything Tim Walker.