Sunday, August 17, 2014

Slouching toward Fashiondom

Every fashion rule known to humankind states that baggy clothing makes one look bigger.  So fitted shirts, slim sweaters, cigarette pants, and pencil skirts are typically flattering.  Why, then, is Fall 2014 such a slouch?

Take these sweats (below) from Gap, for example: they're loose at top and tapered at the bottom--not quite Hammer Pants, but perfectly slouchy. 

J Crew follows suit.  Perhaps this wool/leather tee to the right looks constructed, but it requires a slouchy, very long shirt underneath. And the generous cut of the tee adds material to one's silhouette as well. 

I haven't tried the sweat pants yet, but on Friday evening I tested J Crew's slouchy separates in various sizes, to see which provided the best look. The slouchiest sweater I wore in S and although a fitted sweater looked just fine in my regular size, I opted for one up in order to layer a shirt underneath and to (you guessed it) give it some appealing slouch.

I'm ready to pair said generous/slouchy sweaters with the tailored bottoms mentioned above, but am also looking forward to trying something looser, just to see.

Are gentle readers ready to trade in their fitted separates for something slouchy?

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