Saturday, August 9, 2014

SouthPaw: Burberry Prorsum's Bowler Bag. Plus: Edna or Elsa?

What do you think of the iconic Burberry check? It's easily identifiable, but to my eye it's too obvious. If I'm going for an English check, I'll choose the less-well-known Aquascutum, for one (perhaps because it was my grandmother's favourite).

I was surprised, then, to find myself admiring a pair of Burberry boots that were, at first glimpse, check-less, till I took a closer look. I gazed upon these boots again and again, online, finally braving the crowds to try one on chez Nordstrom (my size was not in stock, though I gamely attempted to fold my 39 foot into a 37).

 But I do like the subleties of the plaid here; it does not overwhelm or scream "Logo!" It simply, quietly, complements.

 The same might be said for Burberry Prorsum's Fall 2014 bowler bag, with its Southwest details (far above). The check is less golden and more in the traditional camel/red/black/white, but it goes almost unnoticed due to the blanket details.

(Another version, sans check, is below. This Burberry Prorsum I've renamed "Bloomsbury, Possums," which is to be uttered a la Dame Edna Everage.)

 P.S. Concern over appearing as Dame Edna has prevented me from wearing my DIY "Elsa Schiaparelli" sunglasses.

And as I open this post with a question, I'll end with one: Are these sunnies Edna or Elsa? Answer, please. Or Else.


Jen Lawrence said...

Love the southwest bag. So subtle. And the boots are cute too. I'm not mad for the plaid when too obvious. Are those the D&G sunnies? Love them in the ads but could never pull them off. They are Ednas for sure. I had an aunt Edna who, at 70, was known to do headstands at parties. She'd have looked divine in those!

Miss Cavendish said...

Jen, the sunnies are actually Target's best customized by yours truly. I was aiming for Elsa, but I'll take Edna via D&G!

Jen Lawrence said...

I'm impressed!!

materfamilias said...

And she's back!honestly, anyone who puns like that can sport any sunglasses she pleases...I do like the DIY