Wednesday, August 13, 2014

# new earrings @ Miss Cavendish

I haven't been wearing jewelry except my wedding ring and engagement ring (on different hands) for ages.  In graduate school I loved silver earrings from India, dripping with stones, the more ornate the better.  My favourite pair, a drop, involved lapis lazuli surrounded by turquoise.

I had substantial silver hoops that I tossed like hair (which I bought after seeing them on a classmate of a certain age in my "Women and the Law" class, taken many years ago at the University of Ottawa's law school as an elective for this honours English major. I remembered the legal concepts too; no worries.)

They're all still in my possession, tucked away, but I just don't feel like wearing such jewelry any more.  And I, who used to sniff at stud earrings, have been finding them more and more "right" (as long as they aren't pearls--they're too-too with my blonde hair and blue eyes).

Like Goldilocks, I've found something that's "just right," via longtime blogging friend and excellent jewelry designer Wendy Brandes. (Wendy was the first person evah to comment on my blog, some seven years ago.)

To begin, I'm wearing a mismatched # @ pair, in sterling silver, which I love because they are contemporary, sleek, small yet substantial, and personal, as I use those symbols a great deal in my various professional guises.

If my iPhone took a crisper photo, you could see the @ below more clearly.

But let's just call this image #verypleasedandwillbebackformoreawesomeearrings.


materfamilias said...

Love those and may have to order a pair as well, at some point. Wendy's gold Fleur-de-lis necklace is my almost constant companion since I arranged being gifted it several Christmasses ago. Something about the combo of wit and delicacy that really appeals and these earrings have that in spades!
(Love seeing photos of your beautiful self! ;-)

LPC said...

Wendy's stuff is great. If I were still working, with the associated salary, I'd have one of her birth year necklaces by now. I may have to wait for my 60th, as it stands:). And yes, it is nice to see photos of your beautiful self.