Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List: Introducing MOHE Etre Une Dame, with Grace

When I read September's Vanity Fair style issue yesterday, I was struck by how self-referential it was.

People profiled in the magazine (St Vincent, for example) were also named to the best-dressed list; style icons cited by best-dressed nominees (Charlotte Rampling, twice), were also featured in other pages.  It seemed just a little too cozy.

I turned my attention, then, to the best-dressed pick of the VF.com editors, who was not wearing one of the usual suspects.  Instead, blogger Claudia Adaszewska was featured in two ladylike, Grace Kelly-inspired dresses.  Both are by the Polish label MOHE Etre Une Dame.

This floral, with a flattering v-bodice is my favourite, keeping in mind it shouldn't cross the aisle into retro. Wear it with Grace . . .

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Jen Lawrence said...

Vanity Fair has become a bit clubby. Unless Michael Lewis has a piece, I've abandoned it for UK Tatler as it's much more tongue in cheek (chic?) Pretty dresses though.