Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Choose Shooes

Strange as it may seem, I don’t have a pair of black high heels in my wardrobe that are suitable for a skirt.

With standard colors (black, brown), I like a lot of detail or a very strong design to keep the shoe from being plain, and I simply haven’t seen anything I like lately.

Until now, of course.

Consider these three exhibits. The top photo, exhibit one, is Nanette Lepore. I bought a pair of bone asymmetrical NL shoes last spring and realized that I couldn’t get them on my feet, so there’s a bit of an unpleasant muscle memory. But these shoes don’t look complicated to wear.

Below is a pair of Oscar de la Renta cut-out booties: exhibit two. These are very strong, perhaps too strong for anything but a sleek pencil skirt or an Azzedine Alaia-inspired flare.

But I do have some floaty dresses for fall, so maybe these might not be the neutrals I want. They’d be great with trousers, though—always a plus. (Oh, that’s right—I don’t need trouser shoes.)

Exhibit three below is from Te Casan, which has a smashing shop in Soho. I’ve already purchased one pair from this company (and exchanged them because they were defective [bad glueing]), so I’m a little wary about the quality:gorgeousity ratio (gor-JOS-ity).

But for a pump, these are captivating.

In theory I like a pump because it doesn’t break the line of the leg; in practice I find it dull. And when I look down, I like to smile. These, as long as the cutouts don’t take flight as wings, could be smart.

The decadent in me says to buy all three. But that would be impractical and absurd and fantastic.

Do you have a shoe-selecting rubric? And which shoe would you prefer, if you could have only one pair? (You could wear the others in your rich inner life.)


WendyB said...

If I could have only one, I'd probably go for #2. Sleek yet interesting. I agree with you on the pump issue.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

with these three wonderful exhibits, i must say, you've made it very difficult to choose. while i love all of them, i think the te casan's are the winner since they have a special something, but don't take away from the line of the leg.

enc said...

I'd vote for choice number one, the NL. I love the perfed kiltie feel. I'm predictable that way.

I'd also choose that one for the practical aspects of a wardrobe, because it would work with skirts, dresses, and pants.

Maybe you could try them on, and maybe they'd be okay, not like the others you tried.

Kelly said...

I vote for the last pair. But to be fair, I must admit that I'm quite picky about shoes that cover a lot of foot (like the other two).

K.Line said...

No question. I love the Lepore shoe. LOVE. It's so fantastic I want it. Buy that shoe!!!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i like the first and the 3rd pairs. but if i must pick one then no. 1. decision, i hate that.

Sal said...

Casting my vote for numero tres. I love the classics, and this gives a great, subtle twist to a standby style.

My shoe-selecting rubric is the same as my clothing- and accessory-selecting rubrics: If I can Polyvore up at least three outfits in my head that will suit the item in question, I'm set.

Am I gonna get beat up for using "Polyvore" as a verb just there?

rosaria said...

The third pair. Divine! And they won't date in a hurry.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oooh, I love #2 and only wish I could afford them. sigh.

PS Can you be my style muse? I am needing some right now.