Friday, August 8, 2008

New York Stories: Potty Mouth


Café Café on Greene Street in Soho, a fun little joint for a fruit-and-yogurt pick-me-up, or perhaps for some breakfast pancakes.

The Players:

Handsome young dude, with artfully mussed dark hair that has a racy streak of red.

Miss Cavendish, feeling fine on a Saturday afternoon in the city.

The Exchange:

Handsome young dude to Miss C: “Is this the line for the washroom?”

Miss C to handsome young dude: “Are you a _____?”

Handsome dude, a little taken aback but simultaneously charmed: “Why, yes, I am!”

The Mystery:

What did Miss Cavendish ask the handsome young dude? And why did she pose this question?


enc said...


"bathroom ornament?"

"rock star?"

"street performer?"

"handsome young dude with artfully mussed dark hair with a racy streak of red?"

miss cavendish said...

Ha! Wrrrrrong!! Keep guessing!

Although I do particularly like answer number two.)

K.Line said...

Girl? (Though I can't believe you'd have the nerve! I sure as hell wouldn't :-))

miss cavendish said...

Nope!! Think harder! You really do know the answer . . .

WendyB said...

I like the idea of breakfast pancakes. I need to switch over to those from my current diet of dinner pancakes.

miss cavendish said...

Maybe Wendyb thinks I'm being redundant, but when you have three children under the age of nine, pancakes are recategorized under breakfast, lunch, and dinner. ;-)

I even have mid-day pancake snacks when I need a carb! But never with syrup; only fruit. Sigh.

Imelda Matt said...

a cute handmade cake that arrived with Imelda's post?

miss cavendish said...

Imelda, I'm so glad your cake arrived safely! As for the young dude, I admit that he was a confection, but no, I didn't bring it up ;)

~Tessa said...

You asked him if he was Canadian.

~Tessa said...

Sorry - didn't finish. Because Canadians say "washroom" rather than "restroom" or "bathroom." Unless they are Quebecois, of course.

miss cavendish said...

Tessa got it!!

And here's a crazy, uncanny postscript: when I was working in NYC, I answered a listing for a roommate in the Voice. I asked the current tenant, Tessa, where the washroom was, and she asked me whether I was Canadian. Tessa, was that you?!

~Tessa said...

Sorry, no. But wouldn't that have been funny!

Hammie said...

So if he had asked where the Dunny was, you would have said "Are you a _________"

miss cavendish said...

Ummm--Irishman? Dubliner?

WendyB said...

I never would have guessed the answer!

Imelda Matt said...

No an Aussie...and it would be more likely that he asked 'where's the dunny can'