Sunday, August 10, 2008

Homeward Bound

I embark on a 16-hour car ride over the next two days, so my blog will be shuttered accordingly.

I actually haven’t been “home” since June 15, so I suspect there will be lots to do upon return; I may need a day or two to get revved up again.

Readers with questions, I haven’t forgotten you—I’m just getting my thoughts in order.

Hope to read you all on the other side of this journey!


WendyB said...

Bon voyage!

Imelda Matt said...

safe travelsxxx

Deborah said...

I really enjoy driving in my car for long periods of time. For example, occasionally I must be involved in meetings taking place in the San Francisco area, and I love to make the drive up from Los Angeles - it's about 5-6 hours. It's something I look forward to.

Safe travels and see you in a bit.

Times of Glory said...

Have a great and safe travel, darling! I will see you soon xxxxxxxxxx

Songy said...

safe driving...that's a fun cover. wonder how old it is.

enc said...

See you when you get home! Have a safe trip.