Friday, August 29, 2008

Winter Whites

With Labor Day right around the corner, I’ve been thinking about how to wear the color white for the next nine months.

I’m not a fan of white, usually; in fact, the only white garment I own is a fitted Lacoste down vest. I find white t-shirts to be too outfitty; ditto white blouses. And although I like the idea of a white dress during the height of summer, I’d prefer it on someone else: on me it would be a cliché.

So I intend to wear white in untraditional ways this fall and winter (though I fully realize that I’m not the first to do so). Here are some items on my wish list:

Winter white heels with opaque gray or black stockings. I love the idea of a non-stark white with a dark stocking.

Winter white beret. I wear only berets in winter, and this will be a soft alternative to my usual power navy.

Winter white lace skirt. Never to be worn with above shoes, but with tough-girl high heel shoes and a cashmere sweater.

Which white is right for you? (By the way, I think silver is the new white.)


enc said...

I wear winter white in the form of scarves and sweaters. I love all your winter white ideas, especially the beret.

Do you have a favorite beret source?

miss cavendish said...

enc--The Canadian in me says Parkhurst (the Canadian knitwear company) but Nordstrom also usually comes through with some simple, unfussy berets (I do dislike a beret that's been tweaked)! I heart your winter white ideas too...

Songy said...

I wear white in summer (cliché) although I do have a ivory white pashmina shawl I bought in Sharjah's blue souk in the UAE. That will be my only precious piece in white. I'm thinking silvery white gloves tho. I think they are romantic. Yep. silver is the new white for us this summer. You will catch me wearing lots of silvery/white stuff.

miss cavendish said...

Hi Songy--I think white looks great on other people without being cliche (I didn't want to criticize others wearing white dresses). It just doesn't work for me with the whole blue-eyed-blonde thang because, ironically, it works too well. I heart the idea of silvery white. When does your summer begin?

Sal said...

Wow, what great ideas, lady. I'll admit to being pretty liberal with my application of white - tees, blouses, sweaters. I got my first pair of white jeans this summer, and have a gorgeous pair of oyster colored slacks. But I get really weirdly old-fashioned about the pants: By November, I feel safe again, but before then it doesn't seem like "winter white," it seems like "a mistake."