Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Professor's Book

The Neiman Marcus fall 2008 *book* arrived chez Cavendish today, and before even opening it, I was captivated.

I love smart fabric art, and this cover delighted me. It incorporates embroidery, appliqué, and a tactile mix of textures.

The inside of the book had its pleasures too, and here are a few of my favorites for work (I’m a literature professor, and these would suit the classroom):

This Jill Sander, with its gentle form-fitting flannel waves:

This Alberta Ferretti, though not a typical color for me, wins with its mix of silk, velvet, and the funky burn-out waist:

And for the commute, this Marc Jacobs bag. I LOVE the colors (dark orchid and lavender; silver-tone hardware), and though the chain link confuses me—is this extra strap even necessary?—I’m willing to give it a closer look:

But I won't be buying these pieces from NM--that store lost my business during my tender graduate school years. I'm willing to accept new bids, though!


Shakespere said...

Hi. I really enjoyed your blog. It seems really fun,

LaCouturier said...

i'm still waiting for my copy to come! =]

please visit my blog & comment! =]

Times of Glory said...

Dear, this MJ bag is incredibly gorgeous - the shape, the colour and the everything about it!

p.s. you are so right about the slingbacks. I have to always make sure they have elasticities at the back, otherwise I cannot move xxxxxxx

miss cavendish said...

Now that I've seen the back of the Ferretti via the NM site, I'd better revise my stance on wearing it in the classroom--ooh la la!

Make Do and Mend said...

the Jil Sander and the Marc J bag will have students drooling for days!

Songy said...

I so want that MJ bag. the chain makes me want that bag more strangely enough. My bag obsession goes far and beyond if colour and shape are right... ^^

Sal said...

Gorgeous picks, lady. That flannel wave dress is astonishingly elegant. Not that I'm a huge fan, but what turned you off of NM during grad school?

enc said...

I'm sure I don't even need to look through "the book" now that you've distilled it all down to the best pieces.

miss cavendish said...

Sal--NM refused to acknowledge an expensive return I had made via Fed Ex. It took a year of phone calls and finally--out of exasperation--a call to the Dallas Better Business Bureau before NM magically found their paperwork and credited my account. Excellent customer service makes me a repeat client (Hi Zappos!); shoddy disregard loses my business!