Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Breton' on Mr. and Mrs. Antoni & Alison

I’ve written here before that I’m not a real wearer of novelty clothing, but every so often something so tantalizing enters my vision that I revise my stance.

The toujours savvy Wendy Brandes posted the other day about an intarsia sweater collection from Mr. and Mrs. Antoni & Alison, and I haven’t been able to shake the memory.

The colors in all of the sweaters are just right—to me they have the feel of a Tim Walker photograph,

with perfect, slightly faded blues and bright-but-subtle reds. Here is part of the A & A sweater collection; click here to see more.

I’ve posted my favorite (far) above.

But this terrific duo based in London makes more than sweaters! A quick tour of their website turned up tiny purses, which are equally witty and chic:

As well as scarves, whose classic beauty is added to by the graffiti scribble:

And even their gift certificates (vouchers) are objects of desire—in more ways than one!

Finally, I love this logo:

Like the colors in the sweaters, the font is just right, evoking a bygone age, when clothing labels were taken seriously. (Do you know how much I adore labels? Must do a post on some.)

Another must: when I’m in London next, I will surely pay a call to this delightful shop.


Belle de Ville said...

The sweaters I'll pass on but I love the Tim Walker photographs.

materfamilias said...

oh, so much to drool over here. Thanks for the direction . .

WendyB said...

Sigh! I still can't decide which sweater I like best!

Make Do Style said...

Love the purse! I should pop in...

Angie Muresan said...

Yes, please post on labels! I have long held a fascination for them since my grandmother used to have bags of them she'd let us girls look through and sew on our doll clothes.