Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So Phie (Theallet), So Good

Is it the prospect of a new year (a new decade?!) that has sparked this rush of nostalgia?

Or is it all the Canadian literature I’ve been reading over the December break?

In any case, my mind has been turning to remembrances of things past, to ghosts of (successful) ensembles past, and twice I’ve been reminded of a favorite Alaia-esque knit ballerina dress that I adored in my very early twenties, that I wore while spending time in Montreal.

Another Montreal garment that I adored was a red halter jumpsuit, made in Paris, cut from fabric that had Sprouse/Scharf-like designs in black. Loved. It. And I wish I had taken a picture.

But! Sophie Theallet, who used to work with Alaia, is bringing these style touchstones in a big way with a dress from her spring/summer collection.

The above dress calls upon both Alaia’s influence (that belt! that scoop!) and the Sprouse/Scharf print on red (yes, of course the stripes are more primitive than literally representative of S&S’s work, but, you know how the mind free-associates).

I’ll be looking forward to seeing this dress in shop.


WendyB said...

Yes, that belt is very Alaia! Love the dress. Great color.

Angie Muresan said...

That is one spectacular dress! And belt. Sadly, I do not have the waist I once did.

ldbahr said...

I think that neckline is a bit tough to pull off, unless you're completely flat. Perhaps I'm crazy though. I just always prefer V, sweetheart, crew, or square necks.