Friday, December 18, 2009

Jeweltide Greetings: Stephanie Jewels

This collage is lifted from GOOP, but I couldn’t resist because I really like the earrings and two rings featured here by Stephanie Jewels, a Parisian now based in Morocco.

I particularly like how the pieces’ perfection lies in their imperfection—the not quite evenly circular earrings, the slightly out-of-line discs on the ring.

The website is informational only, but it does provide addresses of international shops that sell Stephanie Jewels, including one in the United States.


Belle de Ville said...

Would this be Princess Stephanie's jewelry designs?

Miss Cavendish said...


My heart skipped a beat. This is Stephanie Giribone, not Grimaldi, unless she's being coy (or using a married name). The connection had never occured to me, but I do remember Pool Position well!