Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On Auto Pilot?

When my infants outgrew their charming pilot caps, I shed a farewell tear, so cherubic were they in those snug bonnets that accentuated their chipmunk cheeks.

But thanks to a spread in January’s Vogue US, grown women may be able to claim that infant chic for themselves!

To wit: consider Sasha in what may be a scarf, or what may be a pilot cap. Never mind which; the effect is the same.

What thinketh you, gentle readers? Too Grey Gardens?

Too Hanna Andersson? (Not my baby, btw.)

Or just right?


Make Do Style said...

I'm an adventurer so pilot hat it is!

Lluviaschick said...

so cute that baby!

Belle de Ville said...

For pilots and babies only.

silent storyteller said...

I say...why not...??? Individuality should be encouraged...where what you please...Happy 2010!!!

K.Line said...

Too Grey Gardens. But that was a great movie.